Spring Black Bear hunts are between May 1 and June 15. The bears are just coming out of hibernation and extremely hungry which most most stands will have at least 4 or more bears actively hitting the bait with some stands holding over 20 bears. Not only do you have the advantage of hunger the rut usually starts the end of may and runs till season end, and every real hunter knows the best time to kill a big mature male is during the rut. Our stands are built for comfort you will have plenty of room and be able to move around unlike those tiny hang on stands. Most of our stands are built for 2 and some are even big enough for 4. The baits will be between 20 - 40 yards making it perfect for archery. 

Fall Black Bear hunts are between Aug 25 - Sep 30. The Bears are fattening up for the long winter hibernation. feeding on all of the wild berry's grass and Oat fields. Our main target is hunting the oat fields by spot and stalk which is an extremely thrilling hunt being face to face with a mature Black Bear is a thrill of its own. They are usually 100 to 150 lbs heavier than in the spring but not as predictable since they are not as hungry and the rut is not on. This style involves a lot of walking and you should be in decent shape. 


Mule Deer hunts are between Aug 25 and Nov 30. Our Mule Deer hunts take place in the Peace River area, known for monster Mule Deer and Beautiful Scenery. This land is truly the land of the giants with a target of 160" plus and having a real possibility of getting one up to 200" or more. 


Waterfowl hunts are between Sep 1 and Sep 30. Our Waterfowl hunts take place near La Crete, its the northernmost farmland community in Alberta and the first stop for the birds on their flight back south. They have hardly been shot at so the will not be very blind shy. You have a limit of 8 Geese (up to 4 White Fronted) and 8 Ducks. You can also get an upland bird licence allowing you to harvest some Ruffed Grouse which taste exceptional.