Returning client Brian killed this monster Black Bear. He was trying to get it with his bow but this old boar new there was something going on at the bait and would not commit, luckily he had his rifle with him and he knocked him down at 100 yards. This Bear was a no brainer and i sure am glad he made the decision to shoot. 21 1/8" Skull a true Alberta Booner. Congrats on the Bear Brian.

Returning Client Jed stuck a once in a lifetime Buck this fall. After spotting this giant a week before opening day we knew this was a buck we were going to chase the whole year if we had to. Just 5 days into the season Jed stalked into the field and had the buck walk by at 20 yards. He made no mistake and the buck didn't make it 30 yards. Grossing 228" this is truly a once in a lifetime buck congrats Jed.   


Top Mule Deer for 2017. 228"


Top Black Bear for 2017. 21 1/8" 

Top Animals for 2017